Monday, May 11, 2009

I hate when embed codes don't work

My Hugo Chavez video is the second time a video embed turned out too wide.

I don't like it.

If I'm doing something wrong, I'd appreciate a heads-up.


KT said...

When I am on the MSNTV2 unit, I can never view the videos that you put on your blog, in fact, I get knocked offline.

The last video that I saw posted was the one about the musical that you love and on my end, I saw an error that the video was unavailable.

I'm not sure what the answer is about why embed codes aren't working but try contacting blogger support about it.

Good Luck!

Eowyn said...

Thanks, KT -- seems odd that it never caused a problem before, and within days, I get two like that --

I'm sorry you can't view the videos :( ... I'll try and find out why THAT'S happening as well, though my tech savvy can most charitably described as "well intentioned."

Eowyn said...


It did it AGAIN!!!!! with my latest post!

SOMETHING the hell is going on.

Goddammit, I'm @#$% pissed off.



KT said...

I am on my computer right now, I was just reading an e-mail sent to me by my girlfriend and it was a u-tube video. While I was watching it, I noticed that right underneath the url to the video, it said that "embed was not allowed," I am assuming that whoever put the video on u-tube, for some reason, doesn't want it embedded somewhere. That's the best that I can come up with.

The reason that I can't view the videos from the msntv2 unit isn't your fault, the "deuce," as it's called, doesn't have the latest version of Flash, Microsoft says that they are waiting on Adobe to give it to them but no talks about getting it are in the works.

I just don't feel good enough, most days, to sign onto my pc and I accidentally broke my laptop soooo, it's msntv2 or nothing.

Take care, Sweetie!

Anonymous said...

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