Monday, May 18, 2009

'Male pattern baldwiness'

Yes, I know Alec Baldwin is famous for foot-in-mouth disease; and really, this item is non-news.

But for me, it moved out of the realm of the ridiculous into the hilarious when I read the comments. I haven't LOLed so hard in ages.

The gist of the news story: Baldwin tells David Letterman on "The Late Show" that he'd like to have more children (!!!), and that he's considering either a Filipina or Russian mail-order bride. Filipino lawmaker takes offense and threatens a personal smackdown should Baldwin ever grace his country's shores.

Like I said, some of the comments are priceless:


Napakanipis naman ng balat mo, Revilla! Sa halip na ang biro ni Alec Baldwin ang pino-problema mo, eh, dapat ata na ang trabaho mo bilang senador ang inaasikaso mo!!! Pa-mayhem-mayhem ka pa! GAGO! Ang nakakahiya dito eh hindi ang biro ni Baldwin, kundi iyang pag-aasal gangster mo! ULOL! Palibhasa wala kang pinag-aralan. Ang alam mo lang eh, ang manakot! LECHE KA! Asikasuhin mo ang trabaho mo! HINDOT KA! Napapahiya tuloy ang mga Pinoy dito sa 'tate sa katangahan mo!
Ummm.. Could you translate this into ENGLISH please?
Translated (:

Revilla, you're overly thin-skinned! You should be attending to your job as a senator instead of making a big deal out of Alec Baldwin's joke. And you even dare to threaten mayhem? STUPID! What's embarrassing here is not Baldwin's joke but your gangster-like attitude! LUNATIC! No wonder since your not educated (note: this guy made senator only because he was a famous movie star who started young.) All you know is make threats! (note: this guy is the son of a big politician in Cavite, so threats are nothing new to him.) F**** Y*** You are an embarrassment to to us, Filipinos living in the U.S. for your stupidy!

Translation: "I rove Arec Bardwin. Senator not doing job, compraining about greatest actor ever. Senator need to shut up and herp poor peopre of Pilippines." Salamat.

Truck9009 to sivispacem:

Does it hurt, physically, to be that stupid?


Of course Alec Baldwin would need to get a mail-order bride and adopt a foreign child ... because he's such a pig that no one in this country wants anything to do with him (unless, of course, they are paid for their services)!

Unigate to MichWolverine:

Please. Even prostitutes have standards.


You are worthress Arec Barrwin
You are worthress Arec Barrwin
You have faiwred in every way
and now my stock in you has fawren
Your career is stawrin'
and you're worthress Arec Barrwin


Hee-hee! As a bonus, I've learned how to say F-U in Tagalog!

(image credit:; news item via The Drudge Report)


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