Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real men

At last. I thought I'd never find them. But here they are.

Being a lifelong lover of harmony (diehard Beach Boys fan), doo-wop and male harmonizing in general, I surfed a bit through YouTube looking for good harmonized stuff. My only intention was to find a nice bit of music to satisfy a momentary itch.

What I found -- in the video I'm sharing with you -- was life-changing. This video is from the 2008 Barbershop Quartet convention.

The stereotypical view of men: Brutes who put on a veneer of socio-culturalization just enough to spread their seed as often and enjoyably as possible.

The reality: Sadly, there may be too many of the stereotypes, but the stereotypes are a small percentage.

Thank God.

Here are beings who bring together love of singing, love of romance, love of energy, love of harmony, love of life itself.

The theme in Barbershop is respect for, and undying romantic love for, us. Women.

Pah. Since how long have we women longed for just such clean admiration, but stuffed it down the toilet? "He makes fun of me. He puts me down. He doesn't understand me."

Stop it, already.

Men aren't gifted with the ability to psychically "read" our moods. Moods are unnecessary. What's real is what's beautiful.

And that's what these guys are all about.

All my life I wondered if I'd ever find that guys shared my same heart dreams.

I collapsed into tears, when I saw this. And so I share it with you.


Neo said...

ok for one a quatet is 4 ... not a couple dozen...
but really, men and women see things in different light, to get down to it men see things in the mind women in the heart, sorry thats how it is and always will be, if we can meet in the middle maybe things would work out but until then things will always be different... sorry you caught me in the middle of an argument between me and gf... this is just the logical side of things

Eowyn said...

My dear Neo, this is the quest of my life, to find the balance between men and women. All my life I've been convinced we're only separated by a thin veil.

To too many women, "singing" men are "ewwwww."

I say, men who sing are men.