Monday, March 23, 2009

Who is Stephen Conroy?

Just had to get his name in the title of this post, and here's why:

"The Federal Government [Australia] will begin trawling blog sites as part of a new media monitoring strategy, with official documents singling out a website critical of the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy. ...

"Whirlpool has strongly criticised Senator Conroy's plan to filter internet content and his handling of the Government's $15 billion national broadband network. It is a community-run forum devoted to discussing broadband internet access."

If I mention Conroy's name in not only the post, but the title and label section as well, his goons and their web-trawlers will be sure to see it.

Get this, Con-man: ANY attempt to censor, influence, "filter," whatever, the Internet, is going to be met with extreme displeasure, to say the least.


(Via Tim Blair -- please check out his whole post)


KT said...

Stephen Conroy is an asshole.

Eowyn said...

You betcha. And don't think he's the only one. There's TONS of people just itching to control the Internet.

Over my moldy dead carcass!

KT said...

I am hysterical laughing, OUT LOUD, at your comment back to me, you Go, Girl!!!