Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fear and loathing in Warmingstan

Time for Al Gore to return his phony Nobel and go invent another Internet, or something.

Americans increasingly aren't buying the snake oil.


KT said...

That was interesting. What is your opinion?

Eowyn said...

Well, I'll tell ya --

I always was interested in science, though I was never good at it, math-wise. But when the whole global-warming thing got started, I looked into it. What I discovered was that Al Gore based his assumptions on a bunch of young scientists who were basing THEIR assumptions on computer models. ... which are notoriously suspect. Seems they ignored one crucial item.

It used to be meteorologists/geologists used actual data they gathered -- namely, ice cores -- to find out how climate was in years past. And they did, up until about the 1980's. (When computers seemed to be able to do all the work for them.)

What they found was simple: Carbon emissions FOLLOW temperature.

Not: Carbon emissions (i.e. exhaust from our cars) CAUSE temperature.

See what I mean? It shoots Al Bore's whole bogus crap into oblivion. He claims all the junk we humans have put into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution is the cause of "global warming" (which, in fact, we're in the middle of a COOLING period). Dig this: The eruption of just ONE major volcano, like Mount St. Helens, puts more "carbon" into the air than 500 YEARS of automobiles.

Aw, hell.

It wouldn't be so bad if TAXPAYER DOLLARS weren't being diverted to this junk idealism. But, well, they are.

KT said...

Hiya Mary,

Thank-you for writing what you did! I really do enjoy reading your point of view on things!!!!! I hope that you are doing great!!!

Hugz 2u,