Saturday, March 28, 2009

Power to the people

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All the lights go off at the Sydney Opera House for Earth Hour tonight! Er ...

Meanwhile, Tim Blair's retaliatory Hour of Power goes into the red zone: "We’re glowing like irradiated lab mice here."

From the comments:

"Three laptops, 4 fans, a load of washing on, both ipods in their stereos and firing, third stereo on (cannot be asked to work out the turntable bit but), printer going on some cases I’ve been saving to read ... and I do believe I am overcome with the will to do some ironing.

"And neighbours over the road and next door all lit up as well. The Hour of Power is cheering me up."

(Me too, mate. Take THAT, carboweenies. Hahahahaha!)

Meanwhile, just in time for Hour of Power, Mount Redoubt in Alaska erupts.

Carbon .... allgghhhhhmmm ....

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