Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One incredible Afghan

"(I) have passion to my homeland, I love it, I love Afghanistan, I love its people, I love to fight against any troubles with steps and pen, I love to fight for the freedom of speech, for liberation of my country from terror, I love to work for human rights and democracy in my country. I can’t stop whatever I can do to my country, many years being as refugee in other countries and away from it I felt and realized how much important was it. The direction to which Muslims turn in praying, for me is Afghanistan. Wherever I am I turn to Afghanistan to pray."

(From a speech given by blogger Nasim Fekrat of Afghan Lord, on winning a Freedom of Expression Award in Siena, Italy.)

It's heartening to know Nasim is out there fighting the good fight. I only hope he can do something about the blue ghosts sitting at the left of the photo.

Meanwhile, check out more blogger challenges over at The Blog of Walker.

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