Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reason's death-knell countdown

Or, why Andrew Bolt sez it's easy to turn white into black:

"(T)he purpose of science classes is not to teach students the scientific method:

"A HIGHLY regarded international test run by the OECD has been accused of ideological bias for eliciting students’ BELIEFS about the environment and sustainable development, rather than KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNDERLYING SCIENCE of issues such as greenhouse gases and acid rain… "

(emphasis mine)

So, just to get things straight: Science has as much to do with FEELINGS as with objective fact. And, as we all know, FEELINGS are objectively measurable.


You pegged it, T.S. Eliot.


Dag said...

I was under the impression that I'm not a hep cat even though I like to get down and though I like to boo-gee. I found, to my utter delight, that I am a cool person because I like Bacon, which in some way, according to how I feel, is Novum Oganum. So, I do hold the high title rightly: Mr. Big Science.

Earthly, I think so. And Physik too.

Eowyn said...

Hey, da-zop-ron-rony, :)

(Reference: The scene in Disney's "Jungle Book," where swing-king Louis Prima and Baloo the Bear make mockery of stupid stuff like "human life")

Hey -- Bacon was like, well ... bacon. Think about it.