Monday, March 2, 2009

The quiet, terrible erosion of reason

... not so quietly observed by Col. Robert Neville:

"Dig the cute little moppets who want to kill Jews for their birthday. The alleged 'honour' of Muslim 'men' lays between their Mothers, daughters and sisters legs. There is no respect for 'women and life' amongst the Arab Muslim people. That’s nihilism. There are 'commercials' on Arab TV glamourising female and male homicide/suicide bombings.

“And now for a word from the makers of Preparation H and our sponsor: Hamass!

All of you Islamists, off-the-rails leftists, enablers of destruction of reason (and the um, beneficiaries, therefrom) of all stripes:

This is the way the world ends, to quote T.S. Eliot. And YOU did it. (If it happens. Which I will fight against with my dying breath.)

You've actually done it. You've legitimized murder for Some Animals, But Not Others. Listen to the death knell of humanity, and all we hold dear. Look on your mighty works, and despair. (Percy B. Shelley) Your OWN pitiful existence is about to end at your own hand.

While I'm on a quotation roll, here's Abraham Lincoln: "People are about as happy as they want to be." Tell me something -- are you happy, now?

I'm not about to be destroyed, either by the likes of you, nor anyone else with such a mindset. It's my duty as a caring human to tell you there IS a way out. If you're interested, I'll share.

Otherwise, you're toast. And you are NOT taking me along with you.

//off soapbox


Colonel Neville said...

My VERY dear Eowyn:

Your many postings of my slim efforts warms my bones. And hey, as in T.S Eliot: "I think we are in Rats Alley where the dead men lost their bones..."

Chuck says in The Omega Man "T.S Eliot may have turned out to be a better prophet than a poet".

Oh yes, for a man like me who has a rather tedious calender, I could tell you many a disturbing tale of the daily assaults on my tenuous faith in all the great things we've made via the Western Canon.

I had a Muslim interpretor threaten to "cut off my head". This happened at my sons grade school.

Ah the Western Canon is now apparently being dismantled on behalf of the nihilists and their vacuum souls as fast as possible.

See my column on our absurd security services and THE pivotal date of Jan 18 2009, when we took a full detour to Londonistan. Australiastan? Thefuckingendstan...

Hey, THIS site may come in handy among others.

Just like The Omega Man, there ARE others out there who are not infected by The Twin Virus of Islam and Leftardism.

All the VERY best kid. Colonel Neville.

Classic and basic 9MM machine pistol.

Eowyn said...

My dear Colonel,

My "many postings of (your) slim efforts" are a strong attempt to try and make our fellow er, humans, "see." Obviously, we haven't been successful. Still, the truth will out.

I see the world, going forward, thusly:

Since truth WILL out, we WILL survive.

And ... that's about the sum of it.


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AndrewW said...

My fellow free thinkers and modellers of reason and sensibility. I applaud your valiant stance and stand with you toe to toe against the madness and insanity of mohammedanism and its followers.
Theres something about"killing for God" that just does not sit right with me. And cruelty and barbarism are most certainly not Godly virtues. Whatever happened to holiness and purity and respect for all living things.
How easily people are mislead....