Monday, March 16, 2009

The trouble with Twitter

Anyone care?


KT said...

I like the change in format, nice work, Mary! I hope you have an outstanding day tomorrow!


Eowyn said...

Thanks :)

Charles Henry said...

That was definitely funny, but a bit unfair. Wasn't blogging also mocked as a hopelessly narcissistic and vapid pursuit when it first caught on as well?

Twitter is only as futile as people choose it to be.

There's often some food for thought, not just thoughts about food. If I may pluck one example on the fly to justify my defense of twitter, I would definitely point to the first "tweet" that greeted me this morning, from someone I follow whose been live-blogging, er, should I say "live-twittering" a theological conference he happens to be attending this week:

Demon to Jesus: "I know who you are, the Holy One of God." [Steven] Lawson: That's a better confession that you'll get from liberal churches.

You see, twitter posts aren't always about how much butter someone used for their toast..!

Sometimes it's also a good way to catch late-breaking news. For example, I first heard about Ron Silver passing away from logging in to twitter. Increasingly there's a lot of news that I first hear about on twitter.

Think of it as "mini-blogging".

Not all of us use it to pass on news about our new shoes, or what we're having for breakfast.. ;)