Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She's BAA-aaaaack .....


Check it out:

New computer is actually custom built, WITH ... wait for it ... 200 gigs of RAM, with plenty of room for more -- TWO, count 'em, two dual-core processors -- the complete Microsoft Office suite -- Avast anti-virus -- all Zeus components -- other bells and whistles galore -- ALL for $325!!!

Lucked into an awesome computer guy who works from his home. Rock 'n' roll! Lock 'n' load! Phi Slamma Jamma!


Housekeeping note:

Must go back to moderating comments, alas. A TON of spam built up in my absence. Too tedious to clean it all out just now, but to prevent same in the future, have reinstated moderation. Don't worry! I'll post ALL stuff from legit folks, regardless of disagreement with the management :)

Back soon!


Gregory said...

welcome back, helps to be in touch with the ones that know their stuff... been planing to custom build a computer, but the plan didn't come through yet.

Eowyn said...

You don't know HOW good it is to be back, my friend :)

Anonymous said...