Monday, February 15, 2010

Muslim babes of the CENTURY

OKAY, most of my regular visitors are well familiar with my Muslim Babe of the Day feature.

(Very, VERY popular, as I can tell from my hit statistics the next day. Especially from you Muslim guys, wink-wink -- although quite a few Western guys don't seem to mind!)

Speaking of hit statistics, I've noticed a LOT of hits from Iran, of late. That prompts me to devote an entire post to an entire subset of Muslim babes, namely the brave and beautiful women of Iran.

All needling-of-intolerant-and-Neanderthal-Muslim-guys aside: These babes just might save an entire country from Hell.

Dig it:

"As you peruse the images coming out of Iran from all over, remember this: when you see a woman with a tunic above her knees, red fingernails, an extremely loose headscarf and a protest sign, try to look beyond the "pretty". Those things are also a symbol of what an Ahmadenijad regime would deny (and, in some cases, has denied) her the right to be."

See? The women are being pretty, because I'm-A-Dinner-Jacket and his jack-off buddies say pretty is WRONG. (How wrong is that!)

Guess what, Sports Fans. Pretty is IT. Pretty is natural. Pretty is human. Pretty is WHAT WE WANT IT TO BE. We are ALL pretty.

(Except for the extremely unattractively hirsute Jacket One.)

N'est-ce pas?

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