Thursday, February 25, 2010

'Every man is a sex addict'

"As Tiger Woods undergoes treatment, T. Byram Karasu—the University Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Albert Einstein College—says medicalizing normal human behavior doesn’t help anyone."

"Sex addiction is simply a new name for the old evolutionary concept—the innate urge to impregnate as many females as possible. In this sense, every man is a sex addict or was one at some point in his life."

Yep. Totally agree.

"Look at sex addiction as existing on a curve of normal behavior over a man’s lifespan: The addiction begins around the pubertal age, and peaks by his early 20s. It then plateaus until the 40s before descending along a downward curve in his 60s. It eventually fizzles out altogether, either because of age-related atrophy of the testicles or, more abruptly, by a prostate operation."

AAAANK. Beg to differ. At this point, it's mind over matter, B'rer Shrink.

Okay, granted, age slows reaction time a bit. And, also granted, us girls ALWAYS had a slow reaction time, compared with you guys. Call it evolutionary spin, "ooh, foreplay," whatever.

BUT -- just once let into your MIND how LOVELY it is to feel and be felt, it's a no-brainer. Literally.

And the operative word here is "let." Not "put in" -- Let. That is ... hit the "thinking" switch off, and the "feeling" switch on, for once. Lie there, let it, and enjoy.

The girl may be a magazine-type "10." She may be 50 years old, and not airbrushed by youth or by design, but she still feels GOOD. (And so, she may say, do YOU.)

Which brings us back to "sexual addiction."

You can't "let" yourself, sexually, unrestrained all the time. After awhile, you see how shallow that is. At some point, yer brain "thinks" about right place, right time, and the whole self-discipline thing. As in, you are in charge of your own self and how you think AND feel.


Karasu goes on to say:

"A single man with sexual addiction can carry on with many partners, and no one, except those involved with him, would really care about his addiction.

"He is rarely bothered by that until the need for emotional intimacy (the whisper within) catches up with him."

There's the rub, as Bill Shakespeare sez. Guys are, after all, human, regardless of the impulse to sexually, addictively, evolutionarily procreate like rabbits.

But chew on this:

Why can't we all just enjoy sex with our significant others, without "sex addict," "worn-out prostate," "I don't wanna be TRAPPED" mind games?

AND answer "the whisper within?"

Truth is, we can. If we want to.


"People are about as happy as they want to be." -- Abraham Lincoln

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