Monday, August 25, 2008

Fox attacked ... for being Fox

E.D. Kain at Neoconstant:

"The idiots of the Far Left strike again, this time in an effort to quell free speech and attack members of the Press. Truly, this is an example of the sort of “discourse” that protestors have stooped to; and note the little girl in the crowd as they shout “Fuck Fox News!” over and again. What an intelligent bunch…"

Hmm. Let's see. Fox News consistently rates higher than any other cable outlet.

Put your thinking caps on, kids -- this means the network resonates with MORE PEOPLE than any other.

Your homework assignment: Answer WHY this is so.

Bonus extra credit: Should any news agency be silenced? If so, why?




NeoConstant said...

Heh. 'tards is right. I came across this via Newsvine, a site I frequent frequently...and the moonbats there (too many lefties there) were just rejoicing at this mob's attack on the reporter and camera man.

Rejoicing??? What is wrong with people?

Eowyn said...

I'm beginning to think it's something in the water. Or just plain mass insanity.