Saturday, August 23, 2008

Election weariness

From E.D. Kain at Neoconstant -- I hear you, brother --

"I have to admit, I’m growing weary of this Presidential campaign. I’m tired of hearing Obama’s middle name uttered like a condemnation; I’m tired of hearing McCain’s name altered to describe various mental states. I don’t want to hear about the former POW’s lack of courage, or his party days. Nor do I want to know about Obama’s association with various fringe political figures, pseudo-terrorists, or hear implications of his supposed lack of patriotism.

"I just don’t want to walk into 2009 befuddled by smears of our incoming President, haunted by rumors and allegations, forced to run to one side of a bitter fence or another."


We're going to have to actually work to support, or not, one of these two candidates.

Perhaps, in the process, we'll ask ourselves whether the process allows the best man/woman in. Me? No.

So -- back to the drawing board.

If you ask me, politics is ALWAYS about back to the drawing board. Every time.


E.D. Kain said...

Very good way to say it, Eowyn. Politics is always about going back to the drawing board. It sure is!

Eowyn said...

Erik, must ask -- and plan to do some research into this, thanks to heads-up from Karmasurfer --

Have you heard that Obama might have actually been born in Kenya? If so, he's not a citizen. Yet another conspiracy theory, or not?

New job demands much of my attention, so might not be able to look into it properly anytime soon -- but it's intriguing, nonetheless.