Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pandering to lower angels

Playboy Inc. has gotten itself in a bit of a flap, while a lib blogger who tried to whitewash the piece gets a pile-on from commenters.

A couple of observations, here:

Who knew there was such a thing as "hate-f***ing?" Sounds an awful lot like "rape" to me. If it's truly consensual, as a few people assert, it's still pretty damned sick.

I hate the word "f***" anyway. I'm always deeply ashamed of myself when I use it. It's linguistically, morally and spiritually unclean. So is Playboy, for publishing such a vile piece. So is the journalist who was its apologist. (The link was published under Politico's "The Lighter Side of Politics" section!)

When did such a wonderful -- and spiritual -- act designed to bond men and women together in joy become reduced to such an ugly term?

Chip ... chip ... chip ... goes the steady erosion of all that's good and decent in the world.


KT said...

People get off on some weird chit. I heard something in the news about this but I haven't read anything yet, I'll check it out.

I just heard of "grudge f*cking" this week, how odd is that?

Eowyn said...

Really! All that stuff sounds pretty dysfunctional to me.