Friday, June 19, 2009

Chapter ends, another begins

Well, it's happened ... my Maggie has graduated high school.

(Indulge this loving mom just a bit, won't you?)

She came into the world red-haired, but didn't stay so for long. Her hair turned butter-blond, and only darkened a bit as she grew into a Viking princess, totally unlike me.

She was bright and mischievous from the get-go. A favorite memory: Her older sister was standing in the hallway, holding a toy, momentarily lost in thought. Along comes 2-year-old Sis, having stalked her prey -- and, snatching the toy out of Dana's hand, races down the corridor, saying "Heh! Heh! Heh!" in a gravelly tone of triumph that sounds for all the world like a flasher who'd just scored a victim.

As she grew, she had her own way of looking at the world. As a Scorpio, she had lots of friends, but none ever knew the real "her." (Even I don't, though I know her better than anyone.) She was sickly, often, being prone to viruses, but she never let it slow her down.

Finally she became a young woman, beautiful inside as well as out. Oh, she has her faults; she tends to be impulsive, emotionally, but she's done mighty well getting that under control. As a beautiful creature, she runs the very real risk of thinking more of herself than she may, perhaps, deserve, having been complimented for so many things, not the least of which are her accomplishments, and the things she has done for others; but I trust her to know what's earned and what's not -- what are God-given blessings and what she has done on her very own. And I hope she will rejoice in both :)

It was a fun ceremony -- the kids smuggled in beach balls and balloons, against the rules, and they flew freely to much laughter, in spite of the risk of disrespect. Somehow, I couldn't mind that they had so much fun, even though -- perhaps because -- at my graduation, that would have been grounds practically for arrest :)

My only tears came watching my Maggie join the choir for the last time to sing the National Anthem. Along with her other talents, she sings like a nightingale, and she so loved being in the choir throughout high school. It was the last time she'd sing with them, and it filled my heart.

Maggsie, I'd try to find the words to tell you all I felt, and believe, but I'm not up to it. My heart overflowed when your sister graduated, and it did so all over again when you did. Different reasons, same feeling.

In spite of the times, you can look ahead with glad eyes, after all you've done. Proud? Small word for such a huge emotion. My maternal advice? Have FUN from now on, stepping from adventure to adventure, and keep the door open for GOOD things, expected or unexpected. Bad things happen, and they teach us a lot. But once we learn, the lesson is the only thing to keep. Only the good things are worth remembering.

Yes ... it sounds simple, but it's more profound than you know:

Always, from now on, have FUN :)

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