Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is just, frikken, RICH

You know that bonehead stunt the White House pulled with Air Force One buzzing Manhattan and terrifying thousands of people?

Guess why they did it?

"Sources said the chief reason for the panic-inducing flight was to create souvenir pictures of Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty to be given out - like a presidential tie clip - to family, friends or supporters."

But wait! There's more --

"Air Force One has done flyovers of historic sites and monuments like Mount Rushmore and the Golden Gate Bridge for PR glam shots - at taxpayer expense."


KT in comments notes that Obama was "outraged" by the action undertaken. Well, all I can observe is this:

IF the action was undertaken with Obama's blessing, that is BAD.

IF the action was undertaken WITHOUT Obama's blessing, that is WORSE.


KT said...

The White House didn't pull that stunt, however, I do agree that it was a big mistake to not have informed the proper authorities.

KT said...

That F-16 is my neighbor flying out of WGNAS.

Eowyn said...

Believe me, I'd have been as pi$$ed off had ANY White House done this; and, in fact, if you follow the link, you'll find that it's common practice to photograph Air Force One at "glamor" locations (like Mount Rushmore) simply to furnish some kind of souvenir to someone.


What bothers me most is those poor people in Manhattan, understandably thinking 9/11 was happening all over again. They should have issued a public statement that this was going to take place, if they felt the need to siphon off valuable tax dollars for a trinket that badly.

(For what it's worth, F-16s, their pilots, and your neighbor, all rock :) -- I just think this was a really, really dumb stunt.)

KT said...

I agree with you, it was very stupid, although the White House did apologize for the stunt, it wasn't the White House that initiated the photo-shoot. In fact, Obama was pissed and had a closed door meeting about it THAT day.

The people in NYC, oh yea, I felt very badly for them the most, too.

But photo shots such as this have been going on for decades now. And the tax payers have been picking up the tab.

Yea, the F-16's, they do rock, I've got some great pictures that I'll have to share with you, I wave to those pilots on a daily bases, four go up each day, twice a day, and do a routine fly-by, they kick azz!!!!! Big smiles here, an airplane NUT, I love the rumble in the sky!!!

Take care, Sweetie!