Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GOP's precipitous decline ...

... is due to losing sight of humanity.

Not to say this is an exclusive Democratic enclave; only that modern times are leaving old demagoguery behind.

Truth is, life is accelerating faster than we can keep up with. Today, "values" are "old hat."

Well, sez me ... "values" are the same as they ever were. They're as good a currency as I'll need, in days to come.


KT said...

I have hope that values are better now than they were a few decades ago, between each other. Values are as strong as ever in my life and with those that are in my life. I wish that the Republicans would stop being such haters.

Eowyn said...

The Republicans are history, thinks me. They long ago abandoned their core principles, which are small government, minimal taxation, preservation of individual liberties, etc.

Once upon a time, however, Democrats believed in the same principles. Nowadays, NO ONE does, except us "fringe nuts" who still believe in the Constitution.

And if neither of the main parties lives up to their foundations, I'm done with both of them.