Thursday, September 24, 2009

Magnificent Australians

Nods to Britons, who have taken their share. Perhaps I'll do a post on Britons; because, let's face it, they've stuck with the war on Islamo-idiots far longer, and far more reliably, than anyone else.

But man for man, few in numbers, Australians have ALWAYS been there -- with their unique humor and elan. And plain cold courage. Stack them up against so-called other "NATO" allies. Dutch? German? Belgian? Whomever. All are well behind enemy lines. Aussies are taking it and giving it back.

Hats off, mates.


Gregory said...

kewl- as for the brits, you have to have seen monty python!

Eowyn said...

Sure have! (As well as "The Fully Monty," *grin*)