Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stand up for Israel

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With the fresh fighting in Gaza, the same old tired refrain sounds in the press: "Oh, that horrible Israel, killing innocent civilians."

Well, guess what. Don't you think there's more than a little reality denial going on here?

The press blithely reports "innocent civilian deaths" daily, while ignoring the elephant in the living room:

* Never mind that "Palestinians" provoked the incursion by killing innocent Israelis.

What are the Israelis supposed to do -- sit down on their hands and say, "Fire those rockets right at us, pick us off one by one, yes, sir!"?

* Never mind that there never was such a thing as "Palestine." The Arabs who lived there when Jews started coming home in 1948 were a patchwork of largely nomadic tribes who had no claim to land ownership, much less statehood. They got pissed off because A) their religion taught them to hate Jews, and B) Jews were successful at making a good living.

Nice. Let's hate an entire group of people and not have to answer to the REST of civilization which condemns that mindset. What's more, knowing we have the press in our corner, let's play the victim card to the hilt: It's okay if I kill you, but it's not okay if you defend yourself. Yadda-yadda-yadda.

Compromise? What's that?

* Never mind that had those indigenous Arabs played ball -- recognized that the long, long history of Israel (a national state before Christ was born) included the number of times Jews got kicked out of their own country, came back, got kicked out again, and STILL came back -- recognized that the Holy Land can be managed to the satisfaction of all (Israelis were willing to share, appreciating (if not buying into) Islamic tradition --

they'd be driving nice cars and eating well and going to good schools and ALL the perquisites of Doing Life Right that the Israelis deservedly enjoy.

Nope. Sixty years on, "Palestinians" still enjoy THIS activity over gainful employment:

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(This is a photo of "car-swarming," a recreational activity young "Palestinian" men enjoy every time some lowlife manages to blow up a vehicle.)

Oh, those eeeee-vil Jooze. Daring to enact the only representative government in the Middle East. Daring to work the land efficiently, producing an abundance in the desert. Daring to ensure quality education for their children.

... AND the children of "Palestine," were they not so interesting in killing Jooze and putting macabre Mickey Mouse trademark-infringing characters on TV encouraging children to kill Jooze, shooting their guns in the air and expecting entitlement for life without earning it. Education makes kinder, better-adjusted citizens, and Israelis wanted their Arab neighbors to feel the same way. But, well ...

Daring to hit back when they're attacked, for the sole crime of being Jooze. In short, daring to improve their lives after finally coming Home. Yes, that's eeee-vil, all right. Right?


Let's climb back out of the rabbit hole and return to terra firma.

Israelis are NOT going to sit on their hands. They have waited far too long, lost FAR more lives than retaliation-inviting "Palestinians" in the 20th and 21st centuries in trying to return to their ancient homeland NOT to defend themselves.

Israelis have ALWAYS had the dictum of minimizing civilian lives. "Palestinians" do not. Indeed -- "Palestinian" gunmen hide among their vulnerable ones KNOWING that an attack on them in their midst will result in civilian casualties.

So, who's the murderer, here?


/Soapbox off.

If you're in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, tomorrow, the guys at Covenant Zone hope you'll show up for a meeting of solidarity.

If you can't make it, consider dropping a donation in the tipjar of Pizza IDF, an outfit that brings good food and cheer to the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force. These men and women deserve every bit of morale-boosting we can share.

Okay, we Americans are already worried about our own troops -- fair enough, they come first. Consider mailing, as I have, goodies to THEM regularly as a matter of course, first. But we've got bigger hearts and deeper wallets than we know. All of us -- not just Americans. We can share.

Right now, Israel needs as much support as correct and rational-thinking people can offer. A nice pepperoni pie with extra cheese puts heart into a soldier.

... compared with whatever Hamas is doing for its "soldiers," never mind civilians ... oh, wait: somehow the U.N. aid packages will count as "doing something" ... because Hamas never did seem to figure out how to protect its civilians' livelihood, much less its "fighters", so we're back to international aid as ... ugh. My advice? Don't let your brain go there.


Bottom line?

Israeli soldiers don't hide among their women and children and risk their loved-ones' lives in service of some grievance.

Israelis don't expect the rest of the world to "owe" them something for being persecuted. God knows they HAVE been persecuted. Remember the Holocaust?

Israelis don't spend year after year indoctrinating their children with the anti-spirituality of hate.

"Palestinians" do.

You be the judge.