Friday, September 9, 2011

Back in the future-past

Re-emerging on the grid after hiatus -- apologies to Col. Neville, whose website I inadvertently bolluxed somehow, which I shall endeavor to fix.


Update on then-versus-now to come later. For now, September 11 dominates. Not even Biblical flood experiences compare; for this is a seminal time, a 10-year time, for a world-changing thing. It is a time none of us can completely ignore. It captures us, consumes us, for these next days.

September 11 is as fresh and raw as it was 10 years ago. Perhaps more so, the more we learn.

For instance ...

A sergeant major working at the Pentagon (whose name I shall find) reported on a recent news program that the one thing that stayed with him on that day was the discovery of a child's hand on the floor of his office.

That story gnawed its way into my brain. After research, I'm pretty sure he found the hand of 3-year-old Dana Falkenburg, whose parents were shepherding a research/field trip for youngsters of California's Channel Islands. Only Dana, and her sister, Zoe, 11, were young enough to leave hands small enough for the sergeant major to recognize as childs' hands.

Well ... no observation, no opinion, no compilation, no NOTHING connected with 9-11 will ever come close to even giving the smallest idea of the magnitude of that day. Still, little things tell.

My opinions will follow.

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