Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gore-bal cooling

(image credit: Huffington Post)
Well, well, well. Al and Tipper Gore are getting separated.

Money comments:

"Al Gore is leaving Tipper for a buffet table."

"Maybe it was because of his DANGLING CHAD!"

"One question -- who gets custody of the Internet?"


Hahahahahahaha! I'm absolutely overdosing on schadenfreude here *grin*

And the long, slow, patient debunking of the colossal fraud that is "global warming" gets a huge comic boost.

Thanks, Big Al! I needed that ;)


Katey said...

Funny, I'm laughing with you!!!

Eowyn said...

Yep ... the man ought to be prosecuted for the global warming scam, but instead he just keeps getting richer.

Nice gig!