Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eagle cam!

"Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies iz."

Well, here's where the bald eagle baby is.

Some may remember that last year I discovered "eagle cam," and I couldn't resist sharing it again.

This was inspired by something cool, to wit:

When David and I got our apartment last year on July 6, we had barely stepped into the place to start unloading boxes when the first thing we saw outside our kitchen window was a house finch with a twig in her beak. She placed it in a corner of the awning that housed the window, barely two feet from the glass. Talk about bird TV!

Well, as we moved in, so did the finch family. Before long, a complete nest was built, and babies were born. We watched as Mom and Dad fed them, enjoying their growth, and as they fledged and went off to take their part in the world, we marveled even as we missed them.

Coincidence? Us moving in at the very same time as the finch family, in the same place? I don't think so.

God sees the smallest sparrow, and He knew how much we loved our birds. Sure enough, a new family (the same from last year?) began about four weeks ago, and yesterday the last baby took flight.

This is only May -- fingers crossed for another hatching in July!


Anyway, loving the miracle of birds, birth and rebirth, synchronicities and God's amazing nature as I do, I couldn't resist sharing.

Hope y'all enjoy it too :)

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