Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One stand-up journalist

(Copyright Michael Yon)

... possibly the last. Of course, he's independent.

His name is Michael Yon, and he's been covering Iraq and Afghanistan for years now, on his own dime. Well, the dimes of readers who support his dispatches; because he is not owned by any MSM sellout whore outfit. He depends on reader donations -- but let me tell you something: YOU GET REAL FACTS FROM HIM. You get outstanding reading, AND photos, that the MSM gave up long ago.

Check out his latest dispatch, "Bad Medicine."

He was embedded with a British unit in Afghanistan up till yesterday, but they've dissed him. No one knows why -- he didn't give away any operational secrets that I could see. It's nice to see Brits are standing up for him.

So, after reading him, consider hitting the tipjar. He's the last real journalist -- or one of the last, telling it like it is.

Please consider it.

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